Latisse® Eyelash Grower- Your Growth Solution to Longer, thicker lashes!

My Smooth Slution offers Latisse Eyelash Grower perscritpions and consultationsThe Latisse® Difference

Latisse® Eyelash Grower provides your lashes with unbelievable length that’s all you. You can have beautiful lashes that are longer, thicker, and darker. Give yourself the dramatic look of gorgeous eyes that will get everyone’s attention!

Latisse® Eyelash Grower is an ophthalmic solution prescribed by your doctor for the treatment of hypotrichosis, which is inadequate or not enough eyelashes. As the one and only FDA-approved prescription treatment you know you are getting something proven effective.

What is Latisse® Eyelash Grower and how does it work?

Latisse® Eyelash Grower, or bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%, is a prescription solution used to grow fuller and more dramatic eyelashes. It works during the anagen, or growth, phase of the eyelash hair cycle. By lengthening the duration of the growth phase, Latisse® Eyelash Grower allows you to increase the number of hairs grown.

Latisse® Eyelash Grower also encourages the new growth to be fuller and darker, providing you with lashes that may not even need mascara!

Is using Latisse® Eyelash Grower difficult?

No, Latisse® Eyelash Grower fits easily into your daily routine. With just a few minutes out of your day you can get the great lashes you have always wanted! The most important thing to remember about using Latisse® Eyelash Grower is to remain consistent. Be sure to apply Latisse® Eyelash Grower every night and you will be delighted in the results.

Begin your Latisse® Eyelash Grower routine by making sure your face is clean, free of make-up and contact lenses. You should also apply any other facial products prior to applying Latisse® Eyelash Grower. Next, apply a single drop of Latisse® Eyelash Grower solution to the applicator and immediately glide the applicator carefully across the area of skin at the base of the upper eyelashes (this is similar to applying liquid eyeliner). Blot excess solution that has fallen beyond the eyelid with a tissue and dispose of the applicator. You should always use a new applicator for each application.

What kind of results can I expect with this eyelash grower?

Latisse® Eyelash Grower will begin working immediately, however, because it is a gradual eyelash grower it will take time to notice the difference. For some, results may be seen as early as eight weeks, typical fuller results will become noticeable after twelve to sixteen weeks.

Since Latisse® Eyelash Grower is a gradual treatment you must continue to use the solution to maintain the dramatic effects that you will come to enjoy. Discontinuing the use of Latisse® Eyelash Grower will lead your lashes to gradually return to their previous appearance

Who can use Latisse® Eyelash Grower?

Latisse® Eyelash Grower is recommended for anyone struggling with inadequate eyelashes that simply will not grow full and long. Latisse® Eyelash Grower is the solution for men and women who want to experience the difference of dramatic eyes.

Although Latisse® Eyelash Grower is a gentle solution it is not recommended for anyone with specific allergies to any of it’s ingredients. Patients using prescriptions for the treatment of eye pressure problems, those who are experiencing eye problems, or any who are undergoing eye surgery, should discuss the risks with your doctor immediately.

Success is Simple with Latisse® Eyelash Grower

By slipping Latisse® Eyelash Grower into your nightly routine you will maintain gorgeous results with little effort. However, some simple guidelines are recommended to ensure your continued happy and safe results.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s advice on the use and application of Latisse® Eyelash Grower. If you forget a dose, don’t worry about it; just continue your schedule as normal. Also, be careful to avoid contaminating the tip of the bottle or the applicator with your fingers or unintended surfaces.

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